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Mobilized Websites

 What is a mobilized/mobile website and how does it differ from the website I am looking at here on my computer?

The website you are looking at here on your computer is referred to by many as a “PC website”.  PC websites are laid out so that they display well on your computer monitor.  If you look at a PC website on your smart phone you will usually find it difficult to navigate around the website and in many cases the text is too small to read.  For this reason “mobilized or mobile websites” have been developed.  Sometimes the mobilized website has a totally different web address (URL) that many times ends with .mobi rather than .com.  Today more and more websites have incorporated a redirect code in their website so that both the PC website and the mobilized website can share the same URL which makes it less confusing for viewers to find the desired website.

Why does my business need to have a mobilized website?

Your business needs a mobilized website because today more and more searches are done from mobile smart phones and tablets.  If you website does is hard to navigate viewers will simply exit and go to a mobilized website offering the same products or services as you that is easy to use.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you used a telephone book?  You prospects and customers are no different and it is predicted that more than 50% of all internet searches will be done from mobile devices within 2 years.  To be in business in the future you will have to have a website that is mobilized or your business will be at a dramatic disadvantage.

If you already have a website do you have to redesign or have a new one built.

The simple answer is “NO”. We can use your existing website to create your new mobilized  website.  The new mobilized website will be streamlined and be totally mobile user friendly.  In most cases we do not charge for the redesign work and all you will pay is a small monthly fee to maintain and host your new mobilized website.  In a few very complicated websites there may be a redesign fee as well as a monthly maintenance fee but theses cases are rare. If your website falls into the category that needs redesign we will prepare a rock solid estimate of the cost for your approval prior to building the mobilized website.

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